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How You Can Buy Bitcoins To Trade or Invest

As there are currently a specific number of Bitcoins in circulation, with new ones only being created when the current number of Bitcoins has been fully exploited (when Bitcoins are all stored within user’s wallets, but more are required than servers have available to reward other users for transactions), people can expect the price of Bitcoins to climb as the years progress. This is because of new users registering daily, with previous and present users still making multiple purchases online.

Bitcoin now available in Canada (Nov 2017 edit)

As the Bitcoin currency is still relatively new to the market (being six years of age at the time of writing in 2014), the value of this digital currency will continue to rely on demand and supply, much like that of the Dollar. As more people around the world wish to receive payments in Dollars, more will need to be created, meaning that the cost of each individual Dollar will be more valuable as time progresses and demand increases. The more people want access to these forms of currency, the more valuable they will be within particular markets.