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Hilary Clintons bid for the US presidency brings hope to women …

By on April 12, 2015

Hilary Clintons bid for the US presidency brings hope to women …

Back in 2008, Hollywood backed Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton as they both … And Hillary is set to announce her plans to run for the US…

Hillary Clinton will confirm what many expected Sunday when she announces her plans to run in the 2016 presidential election, according to National Public Radio.

Trips to Iowa and New Hampshire are already planned for the end of the month, where she will address the questions of everyday American voters, reported the New York Times.

Clinton plans to start out small, as opposed to the beginning of her last campaign for the presidency which began with a rally with over a thousand people in attendance, because voters felt she was inaccessible during her last campaign. But that may prove difficult because of her near celebrity status as a former first lady and secretary of state, wrote NPR.

This low key approach might be her best chance of gaining momentum after what has been revealed of her and her actions while she was in a government position lately. Ms. Clintons latest controversy was her actions involving how she perceives the transparency of government officials while in office. This is the Benghazi emails controversy in which she used a private server for official messages to be sent. She then wiped the private server and refused to hand it over to the congressional investigators for inspection. In her opinion she should just be trusted that all of the emails pertaining to the Benghazi disaster have been handed over. That is her definition of a transparent government official.

This is also a person who was Secretary of State for the US. In her time in office she logged more miles than any previous secretary traveling to other countries and around our great nation during the economic crisis when many Americans were out of work and losing their homes. She had stated it was her main purpose in these trips to promote Womens Rights around the world. At the same time no progress was made on the Middle East or anywhere else which was suppose to be her main concern along with representing all Americans not just women. Her personal agenda is what she carried out.

But for Clinton and congressional Democrats, a rate increase could emerge as an unwelcome wild card in 2016.

Yellen, the chair of the Federal Reserve, signaled this week that the central bank is heading toward the first interest rate hike since the economic collapse. After six years of near-zero interest rates, an increase — which could come as early as June or July — would amount to one of the final chapters of the financial crisis that wrecked the economy.

The economic turnaround is a critical selling point for Democrats hoping to keep the White House and retake at least one chamber of Congress next year. For the first time since President Barack Obama took office, the labor market is growing at a healthy clip and unemployment has returned to pre-crisis levels. Higher interest rates would increase the cost of everything from home loans to credit card borrowing and could put a damper on economic growth.

Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown, the top Democrat on the Banking Committee, also encouraged caution.

New York Sen. Chuck Schumer told CNN it would be premature to raise rates and slow down the recovery before weve seen wages heading back up.

Hillary Clinton Talks with Google CEO Eric Schmidt about her 2008 presidential campaign. |

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