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Hiring A Good Lawyer In A Time Of Family Crisis Such As Divorce Can Be Traumatic

By on May 4, 2016

How to Hire the Best Divorce Lawyer

As intentional as a life-long partnership may be, it’s not unheard of for even the most loving couples to fall out of love and want to go their separate ways. When these events arise, divorce is typically the only way to legally separate and that’s where hiring a good divorce lawyer becomes a requirement. Whether you’re in the process of separation or if you’d like a little advice; take a look at these methods below to help you to hire the best divorce solicitor.

The power of the internet

Most businesses maintain at least some level of online visibility and unlike the phone, flyers, or other forms of advertisement; the World Wide Web offers a great level of potential when it comes to hiring a lawyer. Just a quick search for the best, or cheapest, lawyers in your area will typically suffice. You’ll be presented with a variety of results to choose from and getting in touch with a potential candidate will be as simple as sending an email.

Ask around

Most adults will know someone that has undergone a divorce, or will have been involved in one themselves. Word of mouth is a great way to find a reliable lawyer that knows how to cater to their client’s needs. There’s always the option to perform an online search and read through a few testimonials – but it can be just as effective to obtain a few opinions from those that have used the services of a particular lawyer in the past.

Obtain a few quotes

Some solicitors like CMS Legal charge by the hour, others extend a fixed fee that is payable at the end of the case. In any event – it’s a good idea to request quotes from a variety of law experts ahead of time. The cheapest route might not always be the best option, but you may find yourself saving potentially hundreds of dollars by picking a lawyer that is as efficient at their job, as they are affordable.

Keep your options open

During a case, many clients will feel obliged to continue their service with the chosen solicitor. This is never the case and it’s always an option to walk away from your current lawyer, in favour of hiring a new one. Reasons for doing this typically relate to unsatisfactory performance, or if you feel like your side of the story isn’t being properly represented. There’s no harm in terminating a contract in order to hire another provider – so bear this in mind.

Ask for a success report

Most solicitors that practice divorce law will have a great range of experience under their belts and the best in their field will be keen to demonstrate their successes. Before hiring a potential candidate, ask for documentation relating to their success rate. The greater their results when representing a particular party, the more likely the chance that they will represent you successfully. More…

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